Simple steps to eat healthy and enjoy the holidays

The holidays are about family and food. Sometimes too much food. Aurora Health Care registered dietitian Brooke Moersfelder joined us live on the CBS58 News at 4 to help people eat healthy during the holidays.

Some of these tips seem simple, but can make a huge difference on your waistline. Don’t skip meals before a holiday party because that usually backfires. You will arrive at the party starving and overeat on less healthy foods than if you had eaten a small, healthy meal beforehand.

Make smart choices – when possible pick protein (turkey, chicken, beans, quinoa) because it will fill you up and are satisfying

Bring your own dish. That way you’ll know there’s at least one healthy option for you.

Use smaller plates. Studies show that if you use a small salad plate instead of a large dinner plate, that actually makes us feel fuller with less food. A simple trick that could make a big difference.

Wait before grabbing seconds. If you eat too fast, we don’t give our bodies time to register fullness. Consider taking a walk, or chatting with friends or family before deciding on round two.

Beware of alcohol. It adds so many additional calories to your diet. Drinking too much also makes us lose inhibitions and eat irresponsibly.

Don’t hang out near the food at a party. Get what you really want to eat and then leave the area. Grazing just adds more calories.

Get some exercise! Make a conscious effort to move more during the holiday season, even if it’s just parking further away from the entrance to the mall.

Holiday bakers can help out by altering ingredients to slightly lighten up baked goods. Moersfelder recommends substituting unsweetened applesauce for vegetable oil in baking recipes, or substituting egg whites for whole eggs, or using whole-wheat flour instead of white flower.

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