Silverspot Cinema in Brookfield will let you rent a screen for a private showing of your choice

BROOKFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- You're probably watching a lot of Netflix these days, and now you can catch your favorite movies on the big screen. 

Silverspot Cinema at the Corners of Brookfield (320 Market Street) is offering private screenings. It costs $99 and you can invite up to eight people. Additional guests are extra. 

You get to pick the movie from your streaming account, like Netflix or Apple TV, or you can bring your own. 

"We did an anniversary party where they showed their wedding day. A group of friends and family came and they showed their wedding day. It was phenomenal," said Paul Voelz, general manager, Spotlight Cinema. 

The cost of a private screening will go toward food and beverage purchases. You can make a reservation online HERE

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