Silk Exotic sued by former dancers over claims strip club didn't pay them properly

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee strip club is being sued by two of its former dancers. They claim Silk Exotic didn't pay them properly for the hours they worked. 

Vangie Thomas and Myanauh Lowe claim they were employed at the club as independent contractors but at times treated as employees There's a big difference between the two. As independent contractors, the women would be their own bosses, but the lawsuit claims Silk Exotic set when the dancers could perform and how much they could charge -- much like a boss would with an employee. 

The women claim they weren't paid their wages and overtime, had to pay fees to perform, and the club didn't track their tips which is more consistent with independent contract work. 

They want to turn this into a class action lawsuit, and hope to collect what they claim they are owed, as well as civil penalties and attorneys' fees. 

Read the full lawsuit below: 

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