Wauwatosa police officer shoots woman involved in altercation

NOW: Wauwatosa police officer shoots woman involved in altercation


WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Authorities are investigating an officer-involved shooting that happened in Wauwatosa Thursday night, Dec. 10.

At least four blocks were closed off in all directions near the corner of Harmonee and Wauwatosa Avenue, with dozens of police cars and officers spanning a large area.

Wauwatosa police say just after 9 p.m., officers were called to Harwood and Underwood about a report of suspicious activity. 

"It was a handful of people at first and then more people showed up as time went on because the police presence amped up," said Mary Lockwood, Wauwatosa resident. 

There was a protest after a Wauwatosa police officer shot a woman who a witness says was violently attacking another woman. 

Lockwood says the protest was peaceful. 

"I watched the entire live feed. People were not aggressing police officers. They were shouting, but that is their Constitutional right,” Lockwood said.

Lockwood said change needs to happen in Wauwatosa after this latest incident. 

"There is a huge need for police reform. I think that there is a huge need for police de-escalation practices, for mental healthcare in our departments. We need police. This is not anti-police,” Lockwood said.

James Lucas, who also lives in Wauwatosa, agrees there are problems but says he supports police officers doing their job.

"There are a lot of issues going around here. I feel like there is a paralysis of right and wrong going around here.The officers are doing their job to protect the peace,” Lucas said.

The investigation has been handed over to the Milwaukee Police Department. 

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