Shutdown shuts down 'do not call' registry

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Victims of identity theft or those hoping to sign up for the \"National Do Not Call Registry\" are getting a cold shoulder thanks to the partial federal government shutdown.


The Federal Trade Commissions website is down, meaning that identity theft victims looking for advice on what steps to take won't be able to obtain the information. It also means consumers trying to limit the number of telemarketing calls they receive by signing onto the national registry are also out of luck.


The Consumer Product Safety Commission says that only 23 of its 540 employees are working, meaning that there are no inspections at U.S. ports or any field investigations. Among the tasks of those inspectors: evaluating whether toys coming into the country's ports pose choking hazards.


And National Transportation Safety Board Chair Deborah Hersman says more than 1,000 investigations have been halted because of the partial government shutdown.

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