Shoveling this heavy, wet snow can be a real handful

NOW: Shoveling this heavy, wet snow can be a real handful

West Allis (CBS 58)--Lets face it.  Toward the end of the winter season and start of spring, our snowfalls seem to be heavier and heavier.  The milder temperatures have a lot to do with it as well.  Just look what fell overnight.  Those few inches can be tough to shovel.  In fact, someone I spoke with says it's almost like shoveling water because it's so dense.  One West Allis shoveler I caught up with says he's very aware of his body as he's doing the difficult task of collecting the snow.  He says if he feels dizzy or is sweating a lot, he stops for a while.  

The experts offer other advice like keeping a cell phone with you in case you need to call for help.  Make sure to buddy up.  Let someone know where you are.  When you shovel, make sure to take your time and lift lightly.  If you feel light headed or dizzy, you really want to cease what you're doing.  And perhaps the best advice of all, let someone else get the job done for you if you have any doubts.  

In terms of shovels themselves, there are a lot of new options.  You want to do your homework, perhaps online.  You probably want to invest in a shovel that moves a lot of snow, requiring you to lift less of it.  Whatever helps with less stress on your back and knees is a good investment.

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