Shorewood police say motor vehicle thefts up 275% compared to same time frame last year

NOW: Shorewood police say motor vehicle thefts up 275% compared to same time frame last year

SHOREWOOD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A startling statistic just released by the Shorewood Police Department -- motor vehicle theft reports are up 275% this year, and up 400% from 2019. 

CBS 58 obtained Ring camera footage showing one of the attempts.

A 2:30 a.m. alert woke Arthur Ircink out of a dead sleep. What he did on instinct likely saved someone else from being a victim. He called police.

"I emailed him the video and within a half an hour they found the suspect down the street trying to break into other cars," said Ircink.

Ircink is a Shorewood village trustee, advocating home surveillance, especially now. 

"Even if it doesn’t deter the actual crime, you can actually upload the video directly to the police department and they can be on high alert and know what the suspect may look like," said Trustee Ircink.

From Monday, June 7 to Tuesday, June 8, Shorewood police took seven reports for car break-ins happening mostly along Capitol Drive, with one outside the library.

One vehicle was stolen. The others had items stolen from them.

"There have been a couple times where cars on my block have been broken into but haven't been stolen. So that's a concern as well," said Peter Mitchell, Shorewood resident.

Julie Cielak drives a Kia. 

"One of my friends that's a cop, he said that these are getting targeted," said Cielak.

She bought a steering wheel lock to protect it.

Police remind drivers to be sure to lock their doors, roll up the windows, don't leave keys in the vehicle and avoid leaving anything of value in plain sight. Residents got the message. 

"So just like word of mouth I guess. My mom texts me a lot and she's like there's another one. Be careful," said Cielak.

One other tip -- police say if you'll be leaving something in your trunk, do that before you get to your destination, because thieves are watching, and if they see you do that, you could be their next victim.

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