Shorewood boil and bottled drinking water advisory is canceled


The Village of Shorewood's precautionary boil/bottled drinking water advisory is no longer in effect.

According to a press release, The DNR informed the Shorewood Water Works that drinking water samples drawn on April 25th, 2017 show no indication of bacterial contamination. 



Shorewood Waterworks had an approximate 55% pressure loss in its water system due to Milwaukee Waterworks maintenance projects, according to the Shorewood Utilities press release.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources requires that two water samples are collected following a loss of water pressure. Therefore, they recommend no one drink the water or use it for potable purposes until samples are confirmed safe.

It is advised to not leave any faucets open to avoid water flowing when it is turned on again.

Once water pressure returns it will spit air and run cloudy.

Water can be used for flushing and washing when it comes back on, but not for drinking.

As an alternative, buy bottled water or boil water for one minute and cool before drinking.

Residents will be notified when water is once again safe to drink.

The advisory is anticipated to be in effect for a minimum of 48 hours.

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