Shocking motive revealed in murder William Green of Milwaukee

A petty dispute over getting bumped into at a party is at the heart of a fatal shooting in Milwaukee's Harambee Neighborhood.

That's what court documents say was the motive behind the fatal shooting of William Green in a garage near 1st and Auer in September.

Krishawn Brown, 18, is charged with first degree intentional homicide.

It's alleged he drove around looking for the person who bumped into him and never apologized.

The court documents do not say definitively that the victim did in fact encounter the defendant before the shooting.

There are several witnesses who either directly identified Brown as the shooter or who's description of him and the getaway car match the police suspect.

A large portion of the criminal complaint deals with an interview with a Mr. Williams.

Mr. Williams states that on the evening in question, prior to the incident, he and the other occupants

of the vehicle, including the above named defendant Krishawn W. Brown, had gone to a couple of

house parties. He states that while they were at one of the parties someone had “bumped into” the

defendant and that the defendant , Krishawn W. Brown, was “upset” that the person did not


Mr. Williams states that the defendant was still upset and that at some point after

leaving the party, which was located at 3240 N. 1st Street (which is located around the corner from

where the homicide occurred), the defendant saw this same subject about two houses to the north

and commented to Mr. Williams that he (the defendant) \"should pop him.” Mr. Williams states that

he told the defendant “no.”

Mr. Williams states that shortly thereafter both the defendant and Lamont Cassel (DOB 09/30/1996)

discharged their firearms outside the party. He states that they then entered the above described

vehicle. He states that the defendant was in the front passenger seat, he was in the driver's seat

and Mr. Cassel was behind the defendant in rear passenger seat. He states that they stopped facing southbound, near the residence at which the party occurred, to talk with “some girls.”

Mr. Williams states that while they were stopped talking to the girls the defendant told him, Mr.

Williams, to \"take a left,\" because he (the defendant) saw the individual who “bumped into him”

headed in that direction. Mr. Williams states that he then drove east on Auer Avenue, at the

defendant's direction, turned and stopped in front of the garage located at 116 W. Auer Avenue in

which the victim of the homicide, William Green, and his friends were standing.

Mr. Williams states that the defendant indicated that he believed that the person he (defendant) was pursuing (who reportedly had disrespected him by “bumping into him” at the party and not apologizing) had gone into the garage where the men were standing and Mr. Brown was ultimately

shot to death.

Mr. Williams denies that he said anything to the homicide victim, Mr. Green, or any of the other

individuals on scene indicating that the defendant, Krishawn Brown, was the one talking. Mr.

Williams states that he drove away a short distance away from the location of the garage eastbound on Auer and entered the intersection of E. Auer and N. 1st Street. He states that at this time the above named defendant, Krishawn W. Brown, reached over from the front passenger seat towards the driver side and discharged the firearm northwest through the open rear driver side window.

Mr. Williams states that he was “unsure” at the time if the defendant had struck anyone. He further

states that almost immediately after the shooting the defendant received a phone call from an

unknown individual about “someone shot in the area.” Mr. Williams states that as he and his

passengers, including the above named defendant, were fleeing the area westbound on Ring Street he observed a truck with no lights on chasing them. Mr. Williams states that he turned to travel northbound on MLK when the occupants of the truck proceeded to shoot at them.

Mr. Williams states that he was able to elude the truck and get on 43 North at West Silver Spring and make it to a McDonald's located in area of 5100 West Hampton. Mr. Williams states that he dropped both the defendant and Mr. Cassel off and they entered a dark colored two door vehicle which was occupied.

Mr. Williams also denied possessing a firearm or having knowledge of where the firearm used in this incident is located.\"

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