Shipping container construction banned in Grafton

NOW: Shipping container construction banned in Grafton

GRAFTON (CBS 58) -- Town of Grafton supervisors voted unanimously to ban the use of shipping containers in construction projects in the town. The vote came just days after a family moved into a newly-built home in town made out of six shipping containers.

CBS 58 was there in June as each container of the one-of-a-kind home was being set into place. In July, Town supervisors put a 6-month moratorium on shipping container buildings and Wednesday the board approved an ordinance to ban their use.

Town of Grafton board of supervisors chairman Lester Bartel says town leaders agree shipping containers do not fit with the "rural urban character of the Town."

The existing home will be allowed to stay.

A copy of the town ordinance amendment begins on page 5 here.

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