Sheriff Richard Schmidt prepares to pass the baton to Earnell Lucas

NOW: Sheriff Richard Schmidt prepares to pass the baton to Earnell Lucas


MILWAKEE (CBS 58) – Milwaukee County Sheriff Richard Schmidt is getting ready to pass the baton. On Monday, November 12, he met with Sheriff-elect Earnell Lucas.

It still may be another two months before Earnell Lucas officially takes over the role as sheriff, but he already has a message to the community.

Sheriff Schmidt introduced Earnell Lucas to his new office and gave him a tour of the department.

“I’m just pleased at what’s been done”, says Schmidt. “I’m very pleased with the new leadership that’s coming in, and that’s a good thing”.

Both Schmidt and Lucas acknowledged the efforts each has put in to making this transition smooth.

“I’m confident in saying that where we are here today versus where Rich was in September 2017,” explains Lucas. “I think we’ve made considerable progress, and really begin the work of restoring the honor and integrity back to the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office”.

Schmidt says they have lots of things to get done before Lucas takes over in January. He wouldn’t go into detail, but he applauded the work Lucas has already put in.

“He’s got it nailed down”, says Schmidt. “He’s been meeting with the people, building those relationships, understanding what the community is looking for”.

After 32 years with the department, Schmidt will be leaving law enforcement, but says he will continue to serve the community in a different way.

“Instead of law enforcement it’ll be through Christian endeavors and helping other people that way,” says Schmidt. “I’m really looking forward to that”.

As Lucas prepares to take over, he has a message for the community.

“We’re going to be held at a high standard and we’re going to be very proud of being held to that standard”, says Lucas.

Lucas says he wishes to continue an open line of communication between himself and Schmidt far after January.

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