Sheriff Clarke fired up at NRA convention

MILWAUKEE-Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is not afraid to cause controversy and he admitted as much Friday at the NRA leadership forum in Indianapolis.

\"Magazine capacity and legislation like universal background checks are nothing more than a smokescreen to gun confiscation ,\" Clarke told the crowd.


The speech quickly made the rounds on the internet with some conservative bloggers calling Clarke the \"next Mayor of Milwaukee.\"

And Clarke didn't hesitate to call out the current mayor.

\"Mayors against the Second Amendment, of which the mayor of Milwaukee Tom Barrett proudly proclaims to be a founding member,\" Clarke began, \"This group of tyrants want to disarm us.\"

Clarke who was elected as a democrat has scathing words for liberals and said he would add seven words to the U.S. Constitution.

\"Keep your hands off of our guns, damn it.\" 

Mayor Barrett offered this response to CBS 58:

\"David Clarke would rather grandstand before the gun industry's special interest lobby than take guns out of the hands of felons. He fights against reasonable background checks while, at the same time, he shows no interest in getting illegal guns off the streets.\"



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