Sheriff Clarke and Hales Corners Police Chief speak at annual Law Enforcement Memorial

As tensions persist between police and communities here in Wisconsin and throughout the country, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn stood side by side Wednesday to remember officers lost in the line of duty, their families and the officers who are currently serving.

\"Our cops, our protectors who are truly different,  who stand elevated as beacons,\" declared Sheriff Clarke.

It was a somber yet necessary tradition among local law enforcement to take time out to remember the fallen and to reach out to the survivors and let them know their sacrifice is not forgotten no matter how much time has passed.

Families were given the honor of placing memorial wreaths while the bag pipe blared.

There is so much more behind the symbols. There is so much more behind the badge as expressed by Hales Corners Police Chief Eric Cera who lost his uncle in the line of duty. 

\"Those you've lost love you more than life itself. Open your heart to it and their love will sustain you,\" Cera said his voice trailing off with emotion.

The ceremony is a reminder that duty and service comes at a price. It also allows those in law enforcement to feel comfortable in expressing that grief and loss.

Perhaps it will even help humanize the men and women in law enforcement in these difficult and anxious times.

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