Shelter Closes in Racine; Hope One Tries to Fill Need

A homeless shelter is closing and now a number of churches in Racine are scrambling to make sure people aren't left out in the cold.

Last week St Luke's Episcopal Church was forced to close because of a lack of funding and volunteers. But organizations like Hope One  in Racine are making sure that no one has to battle these harsh conditions.


The shelter has room for more than 120 people currently in there sitting at about 80 or 90.

They offer everything from a place to stay, food, and workforce programs.

They also have a warehouse full of items they are able to hand out to those who don't want to come inside.

They have seen a few extra people because of St. Luke's has close down but they are able to handle it because they are working with other nearby organizations. Those staying here say the homeless assistance leadership organization is a lifesaver.

"I wouldn't have nowhere to go if it weren't for halo and it save me from being in the cold," said a homeless woman.

"We all try to work together to try to make sure were keeping track of those people who may tend to fall out of the system very easily so we know them by name we know what's going on with them we know what they need and hopefully we can keep them safe when conditions get really Bad like this, " said Kevin Cookman, the Executive Director of Halo Inc.

This is the only organization in Racine open 24/7. 

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