Sheboygan's Riverfront Lights up w/the Venetian Boat Parade

NOW: Sheboygan’s Riverfront Lights up w/the Venetian Boat Parade

You can add the Venetian Boat Parade to the list of July 4th festivities happening in Sheboygan.

Between 15 and 20 speed or sailboats make the annual trek up the Sheboygan River starting at the mouth of the harbor and ending at the 8th Street Bridge before returning.

Each vessel is lit up with different themes in mind.  And yes, we're in Packers Nation. So it doesn't take long to find those gold and green colors.

The parade starts promptly at dusk this evening and lasts for at least an hour. We're told there's not one bad seat in the house as people line both sides of the Riverfront to see the show. The actual fireworks show will be tomorrow night, on the 4th itself, in this general area.

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