Sheboygan Based Insurance Company Plans to Use Drones for Claims

ACUITY announced that it has received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to use drones in its insurance operations.

Acuity, based in Sheboygan, intends to use drones to enhance service to customers and agents and maintain the safety of employees in hazardous locations and situations.

The insurer’s use of drones will begin in the claims handling process, such as surveying locations that are inaccessible due to damage, buildings that feature steep roofs, or other locations where employee safety would be jeopardized by a physical inspection. ACUITY also plans to use drones for inspections of properties for loss control, valuation, and insurability purposes. 

ACUITY recognizes the importance of drone technology in claims, underwriting, and many other facets of the insurance process,” said Jamie Loiacono, ACUITY Vice President - Claims. “With a drone, on-site personnel can survey a location faster and safer than they can through a physical inspection. Drones can also deliver a high degree of accuracy and provide additional data, videos, and still imagery.”

The company currently owns several drones purchased in anticipation of FAA approval and plans to increase its fleet in the months ahead.

ACUITY is a recognized technology leader in insurance,” said Ben Salzmann, ACUITY President and CEO. “Our use of drones will continue our commitment to developing and utilizing solutions that bring added benefit to our customers, agents, and employees.”

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