Sheboygan Alderman Tells City Officials to Resign

NOW: Sheboygan Alderman Tells City Officials to Resign

An Alderman from Sheboygan is demanding two city workers step down...or else. It comes after he and other elected officials were reminded that weapons are not allowed on city property.
The way it stands now, citizens can come in to city hall with a weapon, as long as they have a permit, but city employees can not. District 4 Alderman Job Hou-Seye thinks that rule doesn't apply to him. 
"I'm not an employee, I'm elected by the tax payers, I'm an elected official, I'm not an employee of the city of Sheboygan," Ald. Hou-Seye said. 
But, in the context of harassment and violence, the employee handbook says Ald. Hou-Seye is a city employee and can't bring a gun.
This all began at the March 20, 2017 Common Council meeting when Hou-Seye proposed a resolution that would let police detain and deport undocumented immigrants. Hearing rumors of protests, Hou-Seye says he brought his .45 gun to that meeting in case things got out of hand.
"It was as much for a deterant affect as it was for extra personal protection," Hou-Seye added. 
After that meeting, the part of the employee handbook mentioning the employee weapons ban was given out to all elected officials. 
Rose Simon-Silva, Assistant City Attorney in Sheboygan said, "Workplace violence and possession of weapons is important enough that it needs to apply across the board to elected officials to members of boards and also to employees."
Alderman Hou-Seye says he's being targeted and now wants Council President Mary Lynne Donohue and City Attorney Charles Adams to resign.
"I probably will ask the state Attorney General to get involved, and I'll probably be contacting the state bar association, as well," Hou-
Seye said. 

The employee handbook, including the portion mentioning no weapons, was written in 2012. Alderman Hou-Seye said in his two years as Alderman, he'd never showed up in council chambers without a concealed gun.

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