Sheboygan 3-Year-Old Ingests Edible Marijuana after Birthday Party

Sheboygan three-year-old ingested edible marijuana candies on Sunday and was taken to the Emergency Room for being minimally responsive around 4:50 PM, according Sheboygan Police Department.

Sheboygan Police Officers responded to the Sheboygan Aurora Memorial Medical Center for the report of a three year old child that had been brought to the Emergency Room. 

At the emergency room, the child was breathing but otherwise minimally responsive.

The parents said to police they did not know what was wrong with the child. 

Tests revealed the presence of THC in the child’s system.

The child was subsequently transferred to Children’s Hospital. 

Further investigation revealed that the family had a birthday party on Saturday for another child. During the party the 28-year-old father and some of the guests were using marijuana.

The father had obtained edible candies from Colorado that contained THC and had left them on a table in the house within reach of the children.

After finding the candies missing the father and mother determined the 3-year-old child had ingested the candies.

The father was arrested for Child Neglect Causing Bodily Harm and the 25 year old mother was referred on the state charge of Obstructing.

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