'She mistreated everybody': Former Racine caretaker speaks out on abuse caught on camera

NOW: ’She mistreated everybody’: Former Racine caretaker speaks out on abuse caught on camera

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) – Video shows a man was dragged, pushed, and had liquid poured over him outside of an assisted living home in Racine. Now, a woman who said she is a former employee at the center is speaking out.

Surveillance and cell phone video shows women in scrubs outside of the ‘Love of Caring’ assisted living home, located at 1834 13th Street, dragging a man on the grass, lifting his shirt and pouring a liquid on him. The women are also seen pushing, pulling, and yelling at the man.

Marquita Banks tells CBS 58 News she worked at the Love of Caring location on 13th street for about six months before she quit. She said she worked with the caretaker and patient in the video. Banks says she used to see marks all over the man’s back because her former coworker pulled him often.

“They would drag him all the way to the room and that's how he used to get his carpet burns,” Banks said.  

Banks said she would see bruises on him, but was told excuses when she confronted the caretaker. The former employee said one of her coworkers would hit the man with a plastic spoon.

“He's been hit with the spoon numerous times,” she said.

The ‘Love of Caring’ assisted living home is licensed and registered with the Department of Human Services, according to the DHS website. The company has four different locations in Racine. Banks said she reported the abuse to management, but nothing was done.

“Oh we'll look into it' that was their favorite response,” Banks said.

Banks said the man in the video has a mental disability and is non-verbal. The former employee said she’s speaking out for him.

“What if we were getting treated like that and we can't speak for yourself?” Banks said. “Do we want someone to go out there and speak for us?”

CBS 58 Reached out to DHS, but they wouldn’t confirm or deny the incident. CBS 58 News also reached out to Love of Caring management but did not get a response.

The Racine Police Department is investigating the incident.

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