Abuse caught on camera outside Racine assisted living home

NOW: Abuse caught on camera outside Racine assisted living home

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) – Video shows a man was dragged, pushed, and had liquid poured over him outside of an assisted living home in Racine. People who live nearby say it’s not the first time they’ve seen abuse at the facility, and they’re thankful they were finally able to catch it on camera.

Surveillance and cell phone video shows women in scrubs outside of the ‘Love of Caring’ assisted living home, 1834 13th Street, dragging a man on the grass, lifting his shirt and pouring a liquid on him. The women are also seen pushing, pulling, and yelling at the man.

Marisol Salazar’s mother lives nearby and stopped to take video of the incident Thursday afternoon. While she was taking video, she said a caretaker confronted her and demanded her phone, while grabbing her arm. Salazar’s mother screamed and called the police.

“Knowing that these ladies were so aggressive that they hurt my own mother to get the evidence of their wrongdoings is disgusting,” Salazar’s mother said. “The whole situation is very disturbing.”

CBS 58 News knocked on the facility’s door Friday, but they didn’t want to speak with us. The ‘Love of Caring’ assisted living home is licensed and registered with the Department of Human Services, according to the DHS website. The company has four different locations in Racine.

Salazar’s mother said she has seen verbal and physical abuse from the facility before.

“She's been trying to get help for these victims, but because she didn't have evidence nothing was being done about it,” Salazar said.

The family said they immediately contacted the Racine Police Department, and later DHS. But, they say police haven’t reviewed all of their videos as of Friday evening and saw the same caretakers back in the home Friday, which is what pushed them to post the video on social media, with hopes something will change soon.

“I hope that justice is served,” Salazar said. “I just hope moving forward he's going to be in better hands.”

The Racine Police Department did not respond for comment Friday. DHS told CBS 58 News they couldn’t confirm or deny the complaint.

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