"She cared so much about everything:" Loved ones remember nurse practitioner killed in hospital parking garage

NOW: “She cared so much about everything:“ Loved ones remember nurse practitioner killed in hospital parking garage

MILWAUKEE COUNTY (CBS 58) -- We're learning more about the nurse practitioner who was killed Friday in a parking garage at Froedtert Hospital.

Carlie Beaudin was not only a nurse, but also a singer and an animal lover.

"It's devastating. She cared so much about everything." 

Carlie Beaudin's husband Nick was woken up by their dog early Friday morning.

"He woke me up and she wasn't there and then there was just a nonstop deluge of phone calls and texts and where are you's," said Nick Beaudin.

The 33-year-old woman was found bleeding from the head and frozen to the ground under a car in Froedtert Memorial Hospital's parking garage.

Carlie's death is now being investigated as a homicide. Police have arrested a 27-year-old man.

"A part of your brain goes it's the most important thing that justice might be done or will be done and then you take a step back and it doesn't really matter, does it?"

Carlie had been a nurse practitioner at Froedtert since 2007. The hospital says they have enhanced security measures and are heartbroken by this tragic loss.

"She insisted on caring for cancer patients for her whole career because she told me she really liked it because even if the medicine didn't help that she could maybe help the patients."

The Beaudin's married in 2009 and lived in Greendale. Nick says Carlie had a beautiful singing voice and sang in a church choir.

"I was floored. I couldn't imagine. She was so full of life and to have that snuffed out, there are no words," said Richard Hynson with The Bel Canto Chorus.

Carlie touched the lives of everyone she met.

"She was one of those remarkable luminaries when she entered the room, light was everywhere."

Carlie's husband is asking for any donations to be made to the Wisconsin Humane Society to support Carlie's love for animals. 

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