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Sexual Assault, Robbery near UWM

(MILWAUKEE)-- Police are investigating a sexual assault and robbery of a female UWM student.  Milwaukee police say it happened just after 10:30pm Monday, August 18 in the 3000 block of N Oakland Ave., but a witness tells us it happened right outside his window.

Josh Sasman is a UWM senior, he tells CBS 58 that he didn't suspect anything was wrong.  \"At first, it just sounded like people talking,\" Sasman said.  

MPD says a man approached the young woman with a gun, took her at gunpoint her between two buildings, stole her possessions, then sexually assaulted her.  Sasman said when he muted his television, he began to suspect something was wrong \"I heard her saying 'just take whatever you want,'\" Sasman said, \"I heard him tell her to get on the ground, keep your face down.\"

Soon after, Sasman said he called 911, but by the time he finished that call, the incident was over. \"I wish I could have done more to prevent it,\" Sasman said.  

But Sasman did take action, spending hours on Tuesday clearing out the bushes next to the house. He thinks it provided cover for this awful crime. \"Trying to make sure this isn't a spot where that can happen again,\" he said.

Police are looking for a man in his mid-twenties.  Five-foot-seven, about 170 lbs., wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt and dark pants.  If you have information please contact Milwaukee Police.



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