Sex trafficking campaign in Milwaukee

With a sign, and a simple message, Milwaukee leaders hope to stop sex trafficking in its tracks. They unveiled a campaign to create awareness. Denise Harris was sex trafficked as a child and says girls with dysfunctional families are at high risk.

Denise Harris says, \"Being abused at home being molested at home I felt like there was no when I could go talk to.\"

Thirty billboards and vending machines will be placed at bus stops in high risk zip-codes where children are often recruited into sex trafficking. Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele says there are ways community leaders can help vulnerable populations.

Chris Abele says, \"People come out of child welfare or foster care system and there's no easy transition for them we need to do a better job to make sure we don't stop providing for any population.\"

The billboards will educate the public of the warning signs of sex trafficking---like avoiding eye contact, multiple cell phones, and a drastic change in clothing and friends. Harris says she hopes women see these billboards and take away this message--

\"I hope and pray that they too can overcome any feeling or doubt they have about themselves so they too can be rescued and be a survivor.\"

A survivor just like her.

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