Sentencing delayed in Shorewood sextortion case

NOW: Sentencing delayed in Shorewood sextortion case


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A sentencing hearing for a man convicted in a sextortion case out of Shorewood has been delayed. 

The defendant, Matthew Cullen-Williams, did not show up in court Wednesday for his sentencing, but his attorney was present to explain why.

His attorney says his mother told him he was hospitalized last night because he was acting incoherently. The judge ordered a competency exam for Thursday. On Friday there will be a status hearing and he could also be sentenced at that time. If he does not show up a bench warrant will be issued.

Cullen-Williams allegedly created more than a dozen online accounts to embarrass and control his victims. According to a criminal complaint, he forced the victim to have sex with him by threatening to release nude pictures of the victim if he did not comply.

The state argued that Cullen-Williams is trying to manipulate the system by not appearing in court. "For four years Mr. Cullen-Williams and you'll see this all in the sentencing argument went through extensive measures to manipulate people. He created in-depth personas if people that didn't exist that he kept lingering on for years and he did this to manipulate people. He did this so he could control their lives and that's exactly what he's doing now," said Prosecuting Attorney Erin Karshen.

Some of the victims appeared in court Wednesday and planned to speak. The judge told them they could, but then decided to wait until Friday.

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