Senior residents upset over bedbug problem at Milwaukee apartment complex

MILWAUKEE-- For many residents at the senior low income complex near 77th and Oklahoma it's enough to make them sick.

\"I'm very upset about it,\" said Donamae Trudell, a tenant, \"it's getting to me, I was so sick yesterday, I was throwing up, it's getting to me.\"

They say the bedbug problem at Evergreen Square makes it difficult for them to sleep at night.

\"The bedbugs are everywhere,\" said Wanda Lewis, another tenant, \"you're getting blood drawn out of you when you go to bed.\"

\"I think they just came down through the walls and got at me,\" said Trudell.

No one really knows where the bedbugs came from, but what started with one apartment has spread to several other units.

\"You really can't pinpoint who brought in the bedbugs all you know is-- the bedbugs have been there for 2-years,\" said Lewis.

Residents say their landlord is putting the blame on them-- making them pay to get rid of the bugs.

\"It's ridiculous, we're old, I can't be doing all this,\" said Lewis.

For each resident-- that's several hundred dollars they can't afford to fix a problem they say isn't their fault.

\"All I want them to do is clean this up, not go from apartment to apartment, clean ALL of these bedbugs in this building from top to bottom,\" said Lewis.

Property managers for Evergreen Square, said in a statement unfortunately, in many cases, these pests are spread unintentionally and remediation times can take a little longer.  They also claimed costs are paid for in full by management so long as the resident cooperates.



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