Senior Citizens Get $10 Lifetime National Park Pass; For Now

CBS Local — If you’re an American citizen who’s been on this earth for 62 years or more, love both national parks and outrageous deals, well, you’re in luck: you can get a lifetime National Park Pass for just $10.

It sounds too good to be true to the untrained eye, but this is no sham. The U.S. Geological Survey advertises the pass that gets owners of the pass into any of their more than 2,000 recreational sites. After the $10 fee, you need not spend another dime. Follow this link for the application.

The caveat, and it’s a textbook use of the scarcity sales technique, is that this price will jump to $80 soon– the USGS  just haven’t announced when that’ll happen yet.

“We don’t want anyone to feel blindsided and say, ‘Why didn’t anyone tell us about this,’” said Kathy Kupper, a Park Service spokeswoman, told AARP. “We don’t know whether we’ll get any pushback. [The higher fee] is still a great deal.”

On top of it being a great deal, all proceeds go to the enhancement of the national parks, so it’s a great cause too. Go checkout the likes of Yellowstone, The Grand Canyon and so many other great sights on the cheap, and help keep them great.

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