Senator Lena Taylor's Facebook Post on Debate Night Goes Viral

A Facebook post from November 10 by Senator Lena Taylor is trending nationally due to the nature of the photos and the statement with them. 
Taylor posted last night a post of of 7 photos after the protests in downtown Milwaukee during the Republican National Debate on November 10. 
One of the photos shows a man standing on a flag. 
Taylor posted:
"As reported on the news, as I saw and took these photos, thousands were protesting outside the area were the media was reporting on the republican debate. I walked to be interviewed, past people protesting on a large range of issues: end Alzheimer's, for a living wage, immigration reform, justice and fairness! Agree or not they protested and the photos tell the story of what I saw!"
Taylor has since edited her post:
"I'm sorry people think that's me standing on the flag - it's not and you were really wrong!
I'm sorry that one photo of one protestor's actions that I NEVER said I condone is somehow my responsibility- it's not! 
The person(s) who said I promoted or condoned the action is a lying son of a shut your mouth. 
I'm sad the post showing what was happening as I walked pass 4th and Kilbourn is offensive; however, It is how you learned what happen tonight. 
I posted what happen, and I'm sorry that people lied and mislead others, because without question my post and intentions are not what others said or thought."
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