Senator Bernie Sanders stumps for democratic iron worker Randy Bryce in Racine

NOW: Senator Bernie Sanders stumps for democratic iron worker Randy Bryce in Racine

RACINE (CBS 58) -- A congressional hopeful here in southeastern Wisconsin is getting support from a well known senator, whose popularity rose beyond his home state of Vermont in 2016.

It was standing room only inside Racine memorial hall as senator Bernie Sanders energized the crowd for democratic congressional hopeful Randy Bryce.

"What Randy is saying, what you are saying and what I am saying, enough is enough," said Senator Sanders.

The veteran and iron worker still has to go up against fellow democrat Cathy Myers of Janesville in the primary.

His supporters believe his chances are higher with the former presidential candidate backing him -- and even better at unseating incumbent Paul Ryan.

"Maybe the democrats can control the house by one vote, and that could be the vote," Sanders said. 

Sanders talked universal healthcare, free college and a living wage for working families.

It's a stance he ran on in 2016, and issues Bryce supports.

Voters understand a match-up against Ryan won't be easy.

"It's not going to be an easy fight, but we have found and I've seen this, is that grassroots can win over big money," said supporter David Hinshaw.

"It's good see so many people come out and support change in Wisconsin," said supporter Sienna Taylor. 

"We sure as hell are not going to listen to anyone say that an iron worker cannot be a congressman," Bryce told supporters.

"Now is not the time to be filled with despair. Now is the time to stand up and fight back and not let them continue to win," said Sanders. 

Bryce and his supporters hope to keep the energy going until the November election.

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