Senate Candidates Spar over Economy, Presidential Race

CBS 58-- The election is three weeks away and Tuesday night the two men running for United States senate squared off in their second and final debate.

 Sen. Ron Johnson  (R) and Russ Feingold (D) sparred on stage, showing they really have opposing views on everything from the cost of college to the Affordable Care Act. When it comes to the economy both candidates were asked to lay out concrete ideas to grow the economy.

 “He [Feingold] wants to grow the government which will require more taxes out of your pay check,” Johnson said. “I want to grow the private sector by reducing the size of government. I wanna make sure that Wisconsinites get to keep more of their hard earned money.”

 Meanwhile Feingold says economic growth will happen with things like paid family leave, and more income for middle class families.

 “We need to do the opposite of what Sen. Johnson is proposing,” Feingold said. “We need to increase the minimum wage, substantially. It is at $7.25 which actually if you have a family of 4 is below the poverty line.”

 The two candidates also spent a lot of time slamming each other for supporting their respective party's presidential candidates.

This was an important night for both candidates, the latest Marquette Law School polls shows them in a tight race, with Feingold up by just two points.

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