"Seasoned" Packers fans remember historic games

The Packers come with a lot of history and tradition and so do their fans. No one has better Packers stories than some seasoned fans like the retirees at Heritage Retirement Home.

80-years-young Harry Burczyk is a \"seasoned\" Packers fan, \"I've been watching them my whole life. I very seldom miss a game on TV because you can't get a ticket, otherwise I'd buy a ticket.\"

Come Sunday, Heritage Retirement Home's rec room will be packed with Packers lovers for the big game.

Burczyk says, \"Large table and we all visualize the game together, we have a lot of fun, and we have little pools to create a little excitement.\"

Aron Davis a worker says she loves hearing all the stories, \"It's really cool to all the cool memories especially if they've been to Lambeau Field it's cool to hear about those memories.\"

If there was an unofficial historian, Harry Burczyk is happy to remind us all of the team's all stars.

\"I'm a Shriner, and Bart Starr was a Shriner, so I was always immensely impressed with him.\"

He can't remember where he was for the game, but sure remembers the game.

\"Ice bowl was the most impressive one of all the games, it was one of the first super-bowls they won.\"

So it's no surprise he's ready for another win come Sunday.

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