Seagulls Cause Problems on Milwaukee Lakefront

NOW: Seagulls Cause Problems on Milwaukee Lakefront

If you haven't heard them, you may have seen what they're leaving behind. 

"I heard 'ch-ch-ch-ch' and then I looked up and yes I saw them," said Doug Luckow. 

Seagulls left a number of droppings on his car during a drive in Milwaukee yesterday. 

On Monday a viewer asked CBS 58 why there are so many seagulls on Milwaukee's lakeshore.

An expert explains that this time of year seagulls can be louder, leave more droppings and become very aggressive.

"In some cases they will get in a couple feet of you once they're upset," said PJ Winkelmann with Advanced Wildlife control.

That's because they are nesting. Right now seagulls are building nests, and soon they will lay eggs if they haven't already.

Winkelmann owns Advanced Wildlife Control and says he's gotten multiple calls to help control seagulls this week.

He took our crew up to the rooftops to show us how and why he helps businesses prevent seagulls from laying eggs on buildings.

Sometimes the nests can cause problem with drainage or HVAC and AC systems on business rooftops. Once eggs are laid, the birds become very aggressive and it becomes difficult and dangerous to fix any problems. Prevention is what Advanced Wildlife Control tries to achieve.

"We like to get here before the gulls are nesting so what we'll do is we'll set up deterrent devices -- sometimes fake coyotes, sometimes it's just getting up on the buildings," said Winkelmann.

The rooftop CBS 58 visited was mostly free of seagulls. Winkelmann says visiting this rooftop each day has been enough to keep nests away.

Once seagulls have laid a nest, it's illegal to move it unless federal permits are obtained to do so. If you're worried seagulls are getting aggressive or becoming a nuisance at your home or business it's best to scare them away or seek professional help to do so.

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