Scott Walker hopes to generate enthusiasm at Pence rally for 2020 general election

NOW: Scott Walker hopes to generate enthusiasm at Pence rally for 2020 general election

PEWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker says he’s ready to do whatever it takes to help President Donald Trump win the state again in 2020, including taking the stage with Vice President Mike Pence Tuesday at the Ingleside Hotel in Pewaukee.

“Rally and generate the kind of enthusiasm we had, particularly in [the 2012 gubernatorial recall election], and in each of our elections, and apply it to just how important this fall is going to be,” Walker said.

President Trump will visit Marinette Thursday.

Marquette Law Poll Director Charles Franklin says more Republican votes are coming from the northern part of the state, while less are coming from the the so called "WOW" counties of Waukesha, Ozaukee and Washington.

"That’s how we end up with Gov. Evers winning by just over one percentage point in 2018, but also how we get Donald Trump winning by just under one percentage point," Franklin said. "The balance is pretty much the same.”

Suburban Milwaukee still votes Republican, but not at the margin it did for Walker in 2012. Franklin said the phenomena of a suburban shift toward Democrats has not been felt as much in Wisconsin as in states like Texas or Pennsylvania.

Walker says sending the right message to suburban voters can help the party win more votes in those areas.

“Biden hasn’t said it, but people around him talking about defunding the police, those are things that a lot of suburban voters say, wait a minute, I didn’t sign up for that.”

The Waukesha County Republican Party says their county in particular needs to put up a big number to win the White House again.

“It’s going to be close," Chairman Terry Dittrich said. "It’s going to be all the way to the end, and I think we’re excited that our base is excited at this point. So it’s game on.”

Walker said there will be more social distancing methods taken at the event than you would see from the Trump campaign outside of a pandemic.

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