School Gets Crossing Guard After Deadly Crash

CBS 58--- A Milwaukee school is adding a crossing guard after fatal crash just steps from its doors.

Two people were killed when their car, traveling '70 in a 35 mile per hour zone slammed into a truck. That crash happened at 76th and Sheridan last week. CBS 58 first reported on Tuesday, Greater Holy Temple Christian Academy, located steps from that intersection, does not have crossing guards. After that story aired, the schools executive director, Edward DeShazer, worked with Alderman Cavalier Johnson to get a crossing guard.

“Today [Friday] we got a form to get everything filled out with our school day, times we'd like to see someone out there,” DeShazer said.

DeShazer says a crossing guard will now be posted at 76th and Sheridan after school each day.

When not only are there kids from his school, Greater Holy Temple, in the area but high schoolers from Carmen, who wait for the bus at the corner.

“Part of me is relieved,” DeShazer said. “I think it's a start. I don't think it's gonna fix the problem because  the accountability still is always going to fall on the driver.”

DeShazer worked with Alderman Caviler Johnson and the safety division after this deadly crash last week.

“It's sad that that's what it takes for something like this to happen, and even on our end, we could've been more proactive as well, but sometimes it takes those things to really realize where mistakes are happening,” DeShazer said.

The city's safety division told CBS 58 News they reach out to public and private schools each year and there are standards for when a crossing guard is warranted- typically that means 30 students crossing in an area where a high volume of cars pass through during a specific time period. However there are exceptions if there is construction or a particularly dangerous area.

And even though DeShazer says drivers might keep speeding, at least now it won't be up to kids to decide if they can make it across.

“It'd be good to have someone there to let them know it is safe to cross now,” DeShazer said.

The Safety Division is always looking for crossing guards. It’s a part-time job. For more details click here.

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