School Custodian Captured Trying to Steal Prescription Drugs Meant for Children

(WBAY) A school custodian is captured on camera trying to steal prescription drugs meant for children.

Surveillance video shows Cameron Drake rummaging through drawers inside a Green Bay Elementary School. 

According to court documents, Drake is looking for a key to open a medication box.

The cameras were set up after some meds, like Adderall went missing.

Drake was arrested and some changes were made at the school district.

"It will tell you who has been in and out of the box by your ID badge so we're able to know who had access to that medication,” said Claudia Henrickson / Green Bay Area Public Schools.

Medication is now kept in a box that needs a school identification to open. 

Parents must also now deliver medication to the school themselves instead of sending it with students.

During these cold winter months, a local ministry is putting their talents to work to help those in need stay warm.

For the tenth year now, volunteers at St. John Neumann Parish in Waukesha are using donated materials to make sleeping bags for the homeless.

They are also crafting lap quilts and say it's often the little things people can do that make a big difference.

Church volunteers say nothing that's donated ever goes to waste. 

Fabric scraps left over from the sleeping bags are donated to the Humane Animal Welfare Society in Waukesha and used as comfort items for the animals.

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