Scammers take advantage of Ebola fear

Scammers are now trying to cash in on the Ebola crisis. They're using Ebola concerns to prey on people. There are three confirmed cases in the United States. One person has died here. Ebola hasn't swept the nation by any means. It has been in the news and in people's minds for weeks though. That gives scammers the opportunity they need. The Better Business Bureau is out with new warnings about scams. There's a wide range of schemes that use fear to persuade consumers. You should watch out for emails involving Ebola that want you to click some sort of a link. Watch for any charities claiming to help Ebola victims - many of those are fake. There was a fake GoFundMe site set up for one of the Texas nurses. Also watch for personal protection kits, or even something claiming to cure Ebola online. The FDA warns people there are no FDA-approved drugs or vaccines to prevent Ebola. There are some experimental drugs out there, but nothing available online.

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