SCAM ALERT: Shorewood Police Department warning against fake Amazon order cancellation emails

The Shorewood Police Department would like to make residents aware of a phishing scam involving fake Amazon order cancellation emails that are made to appear as though they came from

If you receive an order cancellation email from for a product you don't remember purchasing, it may be a scam. Do not click any of the links contained in the email.

The emails are designed to prompt the reader to click on the links included in the email to obtain more information about the canceled order. If you click any links in the email, you could unintentionally download malicious software onto your device or be driven to a site that aims to collect your Amazon account username and password or other personal information. We are encouraging residents to be suspicious of any similar emails they receive.

If you receive a cancellation email and you wish to inquire further, do NOT click the links in the email. Instead, go directly to or use the company's app to check your account. If you share access to an Amazon account with a family member, check with that person to see if they did cancel the supposed order before you take any additional action.

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