Slicing and Dicing Warmer Weather Stats

NOW: Slicing and Dicing Warmer Weather Stats


The week started well above average as most rang in their first 80s of the season. Now as we dry out behind the passage of a cold front, temps may hold up in the 60s this afternoon. And today is the last day where average highs are in the 60s. Check it out: 

 Starting tomorrow, the average high in Milwaukee moves up to 70 degrees. A benchmark that will be with us until the end of September: 
 But maybe some of you prefer getting those 80s back soon! As we flip over the calendar to June, which starts on Monday, we'll see plenty chances for more heat. 
 The 80s will be back next week. And you can see the average amount of June 80s for Milwaukee is 10. The last five years hovered just above or below that stat.  And June also holds the first triple-digit record high temperature. Coming in hot on the first of the month back in 1934: 
 So you can see within the 114 day window of average highs in the 70s or warmer, there's also an 85 day stretch where per the records, 100s can occur. So after a brief break from our first real taste of summer this week, we'll be eyeing the heat as we move into summer. The following weekend has the potential to get very warm. A trend to watch over the next ten days.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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