Santa might be long gone, but your holiday pests & rodents could still be hanging around

Milwaukee (CBS 58)--As temperatures drop, like they will next week, it's important to winterize homes to keep them safe from pests.  Local pest control company, Wil-Kil in Menomonee Falls, offers up some helpful advice, and it centers around the acronym "CLAUS."  

"C" stands for chimney screen.  It's to remind you to screen chimney vents and openings to keep pests out.  It's also important to check your firewood before bringing it inside.

"L" means looking out for all kind of wildlife creatures, like mice, rats, and even raccoons.  They are all looking for warm places to live so make sure all doors, windows, and skylight are properly sealed.  Also, make sure there are no roof shingles missing.

"A" is for avoid.  Make sure there are no ice dams that form on roofs, which can attract moisture-living pests, such as carpenter ants.  Also, check for standing water in your basement after a heavy rain or snow.

"U" represents unboxing.  Make sure to inspect all kinds of boxes and storage bins for rodents or insect damage. Airtight containers are the best.

"S" is all about shaking.  Shaking your tree before you bring it inside.  Although this stage has long since passed.

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