'Santa For a Day' provides gifts for 300 Milwaukee kids

NOW: ’Santa For a Day’ provides gifts for 300 Milwaukee kids

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Santa got a hand here in Milwaukee from a new organization called "Santa For a Day."

Santa For a Day partnered with the Milwaukee Housing Authority to provide gifts for 300 kids this Christmas.

The kids wrote their letters to Santa last month, and this week, all of those gifts were delivered to the Community Services building.

Santa's helpers helped unload and organize all of the gift bags. Parents came to pick up the presents this week, thankful for the gifts under the tree.

"It's about the kids, and maybe thinking about what's out there, hoping for something or wishing for something," said Maria Rodriguez, resident services manager. "And sometimes kids don't get a chance to do that."

Santa For a Day started in Chicago last year. It expanded to Milwaukee and Detroit this year.

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