Saint Paul Fish Company is Building an Ice Bar

If you are looking for something ‘cool’ to do this weekend, you might want to head to the Milwaukee Public Market.

Ice sculptors from ‘Art Below Zero’ began constructing a seasonal ice bar outside of St. Paul Fish Company.

Crews stack blocks of ice, weighing 300 pounds apiece, to form a 30 foot long wall, about 7 feet high around the outdoor bar.

They leveled the ice with tools and create friction between them so they won’t slide, and they use ice cold water or ice glue as they call it to stick the ice together.

When all is said in done, the public will be able to enjoy some drinks inside like a grog, hot apple cider, rum, and mulled wine.

The Saint Paul Fish Company plans on playing some reggae as well.

They say this was an idea they have been thinking of for a while.

“We thought it would be something different. January is a slower month for us, so we actually get to play around with some fun ideas, and it’s cold in the winter, so why not embrace it and have some fun with it,” said St. Paul Fish Company Chef JP Toske.

The ice bar will be open for business starting Friday evening. They’ll be open Wednesday’s – Sundays during regular market hours.

The ice bar will be open for business until it melts.

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