Electric Scooter Safety

The electric scooter trend has taken over the Milwaukee area, giving people a fun and convenient mode of transportation throughout the city. Although electric scooters have inhabited metropolitan areas across the world, Milwaukee is the newest city to face the safety concerns scooters can bring. Between the Marquette University campus banning Lime, Bird and Spin scooters and individuals attempting to ride across the interstate, it is important to be aware of the safety habits that go along with the enjoyment of electric scooter transportation.

If You Have a Helmet, Bring it Along!

While a helmet may be a bulky item to bring along on your morning commute, it can be a critical component of preventing scooter injuries. A study conducted by Consumer Reports recorded that out of 1,500 scooter-related injuries, the body parts riders broke most often were the skull, nose, neck and facial bones. Although a helmet may not be the most convenient to carry, it can aid in reducing head injury by nearly 50%.

Know the Rules of the Road

The key is to act as if you are on a bike, as electric scooters have the same rules and regulations. Scooters are not to be driven on sidewalks, but to be used on the streets. The Milwaukee Police Department won’t hesitate to hand out fines and citations for improper scooter use. Obeying traffic laws such as stoplights, yielding to pedestrians and rights of ways are important to follow while zooming down the street.

Finish Your Ride Right

When you have reached your destination, make sure to park on the side of a public sidewalk. The Milwaukee Department of Public Works specifically told Lime to educate riders on the rules of parking, stating “scooters must be parked as to not impede pedestrian access.” After you have properly parked, be sure to end the ride on your app to ensure you will not be charged for time you weren’t present for.

Electric scooters can be a fun, quick and even a less expensive alternative to other modes of transportation. In order to ensure electric scooters are here to stay and riders stay safe, it is important to follow the rules set in place and ride with caution. 

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