'Safety is our priority:' Delegates deliberate between in-person, virtual DNC

NOW: ’Safety is our priority:’ Delegates deliberate between in-person, virtual DNC

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) - Joe Biden’s campaign says no matter what, the candidate will be in Milwaukee to accept this party’s nomination. But what will that convention look like?

There are some delegates that would like it to be in-person, while others want a virtual convention.

“As a first time I’m really excited,” said Tommy Molina, who is ready to take on the responsibility of being a delegate for the very first time. “I think this is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” he said.

But because of COVID-19, his experience could be very different than delegates who came before him.

“Myself, more than anybody, would like to do it in person to get the full experience, but I think that policy makers have to prioritize safety. I don’t see that right now,”said Molina.

“The most important part is that we vote to nominate the next democratic nominee for president, and I don’t see any reason why that can’t happen virtually,” he said.

“I feel like if we could organize something that could be maybe a mixed convention, so maybe giving people an option,” said another delegate, Noel Ray-Ortega.

Ray-Ortega is a Bernie delegate, she knows her candidate can’t win but wants to influence the platform. She says that would be easier in person.

“I think being able to connect with people in person just has more effect,” she said.

Last week, DNC Chair Tom Perez said democrats are ready to descend on Milwaukee, but said the public health situation on the ground will dictate what happens.

“We don’t know the answer today because we don’t know what the public health situation on the ground will be,” said Perez.

For now, the delegates will prepare, and then wait and see.

“I think to a large degree democrats are united behind the fact that no one is happy about the situation right now, but that safety is our priority,” said Molina.

The DNC has yet to make a final decision.

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