Rumble Strips Coming to Wisconsin Construction Areas

Last year, Wisconsin recorded 2,404 work zone crashes that resulted in 945 injuries and 12 fatalities. To enhance the safety of highway workers and motorists, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is implementing use of temporary portable rumble strips on a dozen state highway improvement projects scheduled for this construction season. The rumble strips provide an audible and vibratory warning to motorists entering a construction zone and have helped to reduce speeds and crashes in work zones in other states.

“Too often, drivers ignore signs telling them they’re entering a construction zone,” said WisDOT Work Zone Operations Engineer Erin Schoon. “Rumble strips are hard to ignore, and send a potentially life-saving message that drivers need to slow down and be extra cautious.”

The temporary portable rumble strips will be used on days when flaggers are working along roadways directing traffic. Signs will alert motorists of the upcoming work zone and installation of the temporary rumble strips. Typically, six rumble strips are placed at each end of the work zone.

While workers are especially vulnerable, the majority of fatalities and injuries in work zone crashes involve motorists. Common factors in work zone crashes include drivers that are distracted or driving too fast for conditions.

“This construction season, we’ll be using temporary portable rumble strips on certain projects where flagging operations are taking place,” Schoon said. “Still, our hope is that every time a driver approaches any construction zone, they’ll be alert for workers and for slowing traffic.”

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