Rules for Breaking into a Hot Car to Save a Pet or Child

According to the Humane Animal Welfare Society, Wisconsin recently passed a state law providing civil immunity to anyone who forcibly enters a vehicle to free a child or pet believed to be endangered by temperatures inside that vehicle. Concerned citizens must take these steps to be protected by the law:

                (1)  Make sure the vehicle is actually locked.

                (2)  Check to see if an adult responsible for the child or pet is nearby.

                (3)  Call 911.

                (4)  Use only as much force as necessary to break into the vehicle.

                (5)  Remain with the child or pet until authorities arrive.

The temperature inside a car, even with windows open slightly, can quickly reach deadly levels. In sunlight temps can rise more than 30 degrees per minute. In extreme weather conditions, pets should remain safely indoors in a climate controlled environment. Exercise your pets in the early morning or evening hours, and watch for hot asphalt which can easily burn sensitive paw pads.

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