Roufusport Grooming Champions in Mixed Martial Arts and the Game of Life

Word spread through the west side of Milwaukee Tuesday night that  Anthony Pettis was working out in his quest to reclaim his title in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

His partner was Duke Roufus who's continued the family business by providing a place to go for personal excellence in a sport that requires discipline and grit.

Roufusport Gym is nestled between a bank and Buddhist center near 76th & Blue Mound.

All who come here and survive amidst its rigors become closer for having shared the experience.

"We always said the family that kicks together sticks together," Doug told CBS 58 News. "Family that plays together, stays together. We have a lot of fun and get the stress out."

Nobody's expecting anybody who walks through the gym to achieve the championship status of Anthony Pettis, but they do believe that it's a sport for which one can connect with your workout and see things both inside and out.

"Confidence building and you learn to set goals," said Duke.

Those looking for a challenging workout walk among the kids just looking for something to do other than roam the street.

Pettis is their role mode forl having overcome some odds himself to achieve glory in the octagon.

Everybody leaves their shoes at the door and walks in as an equal. Respect is earned and its that atmosphere that has drawn in the likes of CM Punk.

 "If you're looking to become a mixed martial artist or just improve quality of life through fitness, this is the best place in the world," declared Punk.

The actor and star of the wrestling world now embarking on a transition to MMA and creating a social media sensation in the process.

"I think life is for living. It's all about challenging yourself and growing as a human being."

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