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Rolling Stones Rock the Marcus Amphitheater

 It's the unofficial start to Summerfest and they're doing it in a big way this year with the Rolling Stones.
Excited fans waited hours outside the gates Tuesday night, hoping to get good seats to see the rock legends.

The Stones don't go on tour often, in fact, they haven't done a tour in the U.S. Since 2007.
That's part of why Monday's concert got people coming to Milwaukee from around the world to see this iconic band

\"They're the soundtrack to our life. Saw our first show in 1981 and tonight's 83 for me,\" said one fan who came from New York.

From New York to Germany

\"It's my 72 or 73 show,\" said a fan from Germany. 

Even fans right here in Milwaukee.

\"Really wanted to go, was hard to find tickets. I'm glad my wife found them. She got them for our first anniversary. She was one of the first people that jumped on it,\" said Michael Schultz.

People scrambled to get tickets to Monday's concert. In fact there was so much buzz,  they sold out in just 7 minutes back when they went on sale in April.

\"Here we are at the Marcus amphitheater only 23,000 seats compared to either 40-60,000 they're playing at other states. It's big win for Summerfest,\"said John Bohler, with Summerfest.

And fans say it's a big win for Milwaukee, because they have fallen in love with the city.

\"We've been to a lot of bars and people have been great,\" said Bob Johnston, who came here to see the stones from New York.

Though some like George Patterson took their chances on last minute tickets.

\"If I don't get in at all I end up at the Ale House drinking beer,\" said Johnston.

Everyone we spoke with says there's a reason the stones chose Milwaukee, but they'd follow them anywhere.

\"We never take anything for granted we know every time could be a last time. And that's why we make sure when they're playoff we travel hundreds of miles to see them. They mean the world to us,\" said one fan.

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