Rolling Into the Weekend High and Dry with Flakes Possible by Monday

NOW: Rolling Into the Weekend High and Dry with Flakes Possible by Monday


Milwaukee has had 18 straight days with no measurable precipitation, through today. With High pressure overhead this weekend, that trend will continue.

That area of wet weather will stay to our south as it traverses east across the Nation this weekend.

At this time we're starting to see abnormally dry conditions pop up across the region.  

Even though there's a snowpack across northern parts of the state and surrounding states, far less snow than normal has fallen in some key spots. Green Bay has received 27.7" of snow to date this season, compared to our 46.2". While we are not technically in the dry area as shown above and we're running a few inches ahead on snow here, even our precipitation is down about an inch from normal since the start of the year. And for Green Bay, they are down on snow over 16".
Wausau is down about 20" on the white stuff. And despite Marquette Michigan coming in with a current snow depth of 11", their snow deficit for the season is astounding! To date our Michigan friend has picked up 97.2" of snow. While that may sound like a lot, the average to date for them is over 168" which puts them down roughly 71"!!

So is there any hope for wet weather in the near future? What we're eyeing is a system set to come in on Monday. Unfortunately for our neighbors to the north, it looks to miss them almost completely. Green Bay may see up to an inch of snow, but we could accumulate more here as the path of this storm moves more directly over southern Wisconsin. Temperatures will likely be in the upper 30s as the system works in at some point during the day Monday. However, it appears we'll have enough cold air aloft to see a mix and or snow. A preliminary look at totals from two long range models gives us a range of about 2-4" of slushy snow. Whatever we do get won't stick long as highs move back to the 40s next week.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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