Roads will continue to be slick as Milwaukee deals with aftermath of ice

NOW: Roads will continue to be slick as Milwaukee deals with aftermath of ice

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Ray Salentine, manager and driver at Ray's Towing, said calls were double what they typically are Tuesday, Feb. 22 as southeast Wisconsin dealt with a swath of ice across roads.

Crews will continue to spread salt as many areas re-freeze. Salentine said it's a good time to remember to be vigilant to avoid accidents.

"I got out of the house to go to work this morning, put the car in reverse with my foot on the brake, let my foot off the brake for about half a revolution and just started gliding down the hill," said Milwaukee resident Arthur Wilinski.

Wilinski lives in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee. He said having his car slide off the driveway halfway down a hill next to it wasn't how he expected to start the day.

"We have a tow truck coming, so we'll see if that works, and if it doesn't we're going to put a bunch of sand in the back for weight and roll it down the hill," said Wilinski. 

He called people like Salentine, who said we aren’t out of the woods yet and more winter weather is on the way.

"As you see it melts, re-freezes, as long as these temperatures are windy and cold we're going to have trouble again," said Salentine.

He wants to remind people to take it slow, even if you think you have the right car to deal with the weather.

"All-wheel drive vehicles [drivers] can think 'hey, I have a vehicle that can go anywhere,' but ice affects your wheels, whether it's all-wheel drive, two-wheel drive or one-wheel drive," Salentine said.

He said make sure you have an emergency kit with blankets, water and a flashlight in case you do slide.

Salentine also stressed that if that happens, stay in your vehicle if it's safe.

"We hear about [these rules] but apply them, don't just let this message go by," said Salentine.

He said most importantly though, if you're freaked out by driving in winter weather, don't.

"Best that you don't drive in it. If you need to go somewhere, get a ride with someone that can handle the winter weather," said Salentine.

Crews want to remind drivers if you see flashing lights on the side of the road, make sure to slow down and give them room to work, as it is life or death for them.

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