Road washed away in Paddock Lake, Kenosha County

NOW: Road washed away in Paddock Lake, Kenosha County

Water going over dam in Walworth County Road washed away in Kenosha Flooding in Burlington

Danged in Paddock Lake after a road washed away.

CBS 58 News was on the scene near the intersection of 60th Street and 237th Avenue.

Nearby homeowners say they heard a commotion around 3:30 this morning.

They came out to see the road was gone.

Nobody will even venture a guess as to when this could be repaired.

Officials say this serves as a reminder about the dangers of driving into flood waters.

You never know what's or what's NOT underneath. 

County highway workers tells CBS 58 that the culvert underneath the road does not need to be replaced.

They're not sure when they're going to be reopening the area because they have to tend to so many other water covered roads. 

If you need sand bags and live in Kenosha County you can visit the Wilmot County Gravel Pit located at 32303 116th Street. The sandbags need to be filled and transported by the Kenosha County resident.

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