Road Rage Incidents are On the Rise

Road rage is a topic of discussion after a 2-month-old was shot during a road rage incident on Sunday.

A local driving instructor who's been in the business for nearly 10 years, says the topic of aggressive driving and road rage are always a priority in their lessons not just for safety reasons but for overall knowledge and awareness on the road.

Unfortunately, road rage like this is a problem that has been documented.

AAA expert said that while cases have been on the rise extreme violence like a shooting is very rare.

Scott Banks with the arcade drivers school in Milwaukee said road rage usually happens when someone is frustrated or under a lot of stress.

 "I want people to know that there are times when you just have to just take a deep breath and say ok, I'm not going to make it to that meeting that I thought I was going to make on time. So, there is nothing I can do about it. Lets just take a breath, relax and turn  on the radio. Try to get your mind on something else,” said Banks.

Again, circumstances of what led up to the shooting have not been released.

We don't know who provoked who or any of those details.

Officials urge, if you are ever in a situation that escalates to safely pull over and contact your local police or sheriff department.

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